Assalamualaikum ,, Hye :)

I'm Missha. Daughter. Sister. Jenazah-to-be. 

I believe that behind every story written, there is a backstory hidden. 
I love roses with the scent of lavender in a triangle box with 7 edges.

And I love these too :)

Why blogging?
Cause when writing I can spill.

And maybe this is another reason. :)

You think introverts are shy and anti-social.?



We aren't shy. Or anti-social.

We just choose people that we want to talk with,,
And we appreciate silence in the world that never stop talking. 

Yeah, those are what introverts are. *i guess*
Or at least,, that's me. :)

And of course, books are introvert's best friends.

Best friends that never betray.

So, dalam blog ni ada entri dalam BI, BM, Manglish dan bahasa rojak serta tatabahasa rosak yang lain. Lulss.

I make art out of writing..  *maybe?*
Well, just read and heed :)

Ambil yang bermanfaat,
Tinggal yang berkarat. =.=

May Allah bless.

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