Assalamualaikum. Hi!

My book hunting partner sent me this photo and asked me to write something about it. So here what i wrote 😊

She looks beautiful as ever
As she lays there
Her eyes emanate the strength of her soul
Subtle aches of living
Callous ache of betrayal
Sorrows of being strange soul
Tears of loneliness
There lay secrets deeper and darker
Than the mysterious sea or cave known to human
And there was him in the corner
Frozen by what he saw inside the eyes
The Universe he never discover
The story he never read
And the love he is searching.

Note: Kalau ikutkan i tak nak post kat blog sebab i rasa grammar i terabur yang amat tapi i risau Mei takde entri macam Apil hahaha 😆😆 (tak tercapai hasrat i satu bulan satu entri tahun ni huuu)
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  1. Hai missha! Thanks for dropping by. Dah lama gila tak lawat missha. hihi. Masih aktif menulis ya. Sedap poem tu :D

  2. Nice try ni Missha... usah dirisaukan grammar yang berterabur sikit2 tu, your effort is highly appreciated. I loike~ ;3

    Teruskan menulis dan membaca more English poetry, nanti lama2 your vocabulary will improve and eventually your grammar will too ;3

  3. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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